External Variations Plugin Help

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Requirements
  4. How to Use
  5. Rate Our Plugin! (Please.🙂)
  6. Copyrights

1. Introduction

Thank you for purchasing External Variations plugin.

External Variations is a WooCommerce plugin which lets you use variable product features for your external/affiliate products. Which means, you can add a variable product to your WooCommerce shop and then set a different URL for each variation. This document includes the necessary information about using it.

For your questions and help requests, please use the comments page on CodeCanyon. (CodeCanyon customers only.)

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2. Installation

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Extract the zipped package that you downloaded from CodeCanyon. You'll find a file named "woocommerce-external-variations.zip" in it.
  2. On your WordPress admin panel, go to "Plugins > Add New" section.
  3. Click "Upload Plugin" button at the top of the page. Then click "Choose File" and pick "woocommerce-external-variations.zip" file. Finally, click "Install Now" button.
  4. After installing the plugin, you need to activate it. Go to "Plugins" page and see "WooCommerce External Variations" title. Now click the "Activate" link right under the title.

You're done! If you completed the steps successfully, you should see a new menu item named "External Variations" on your WordPress admin panel.

Visit WordPress.org to learn more about installing plugins.

3. Requirements

Please ensure that your shopping site meets the following matters:

That's all.

4. How to Use

It's quite easy to use WooCommerce External Variations plugin.

  1. Go to "Products > Add New" for adding a new WooCommerce product as usual.
  2. Select "Variable product" from the Product data panel.

    Add Product

  3. Check the "Enable External Button" box. If you wish, you can set a button text and a default external/affiliate product URL. So your visitors can visit the product site even if they don't select a variation.
  4. After you create your variations for this product, you'll see an "External Product URL" field at the bottom of the variation panel:

    Variation URL

  5. Just add the product URL here and you're done. Save changes and then publish your product!

You can change the default "Buy Product" text from "External Variations" section on your WordPress dashboard menu.

5. Rate Our Plugin

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6. Copyrights

All the images/photographs used in our demo site and all the rights of them belong to their creators/owners.

Thank you.

We hope you'll love WooCommerce External Variations and its features. Again, don't hesitate to share any thoughts, ideas, comments or requests with us. We're here to help you and make your experience better.

Talk to you soon!